How Locauto Elefast works

Locauto Elefast is the first digital full self-service rental system that allows to book, open and rent a car simply using the Locauto Rent App

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Sign up for free, enter your personal data, ID Card and driving license (app available on the Google Play and App Store).

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Yes, you can unlock the car only through the Locauto Rent App installed on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet); your device will have to be connected (3G or 4G) when picking-up the car.
To use Elefast you must be older than 25, you must own a driving license since a minimum of 1 year (not Italian citizens must own a driving license valid for international use or an equivalent document, as for example the certified translation of their national license) and must own a credit card since a minimum of 1 year.
Your personal details, your residence, your driver’s license data and your passport, if you are a not Italian citizen; when subscribing you will create your Elefast account, you will need to keep user and password safely and use them to log in every time you want to book and rent with Elefast.

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